how to say how I feel


The restaurant was fairly packed.  He’d been glad to get a reservation, though he felt a little weird going to a restaurant that actually required a reservation.  Still, he managed to get a glass of water and some bread without making a complete ass of himself, so he seemed to be doing all right so far.  He watched the front entrance for any sign of his boyfriend and tugged absently at the dark blue tie he’d pulled on a few hours ago.  The important part of the evening, of course, wasn’t the dinner.  Sam wasn’t a big fan of the menu, as a whole, and he doubted Gabriel would care one way or the other.

The chef he’d seen in the paper last week, however, visiting the area for one month only, might be something of interest though.  He was a dessert chef, and Sam planned on chewing on bread the whole night and ordering Gabriel one of every fucking thing the guy made.  He was ridiculously pleased he’d managed to pull this off without spilling the surprise.  Now, he just had to show up.  Sam tugged at his tie again.

Gabriel was not that late. At least not in his mind. Work had been a bitch and there was nothing he could do about traffic. Then his tire exploded and he had to call his adorable brother in law to help him. Nightmare.

He walked into the restaurant, easily spotting his boyfriend sitting at the back, and walked towards their table, humming a Lady Gaga song.

"Hello Sammymoose" he said and leaned down to press a light kiss on Sam’s lips before collapsing into a chair.

He sat down next to Sam and shook the headphones off his ears.

A smirk spread across his face as he took a good look around them.

"Fancy, aren’t we Sammy?" he asked, as he grinned up at Sam and elbowed him teasingly .